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Who else crawls under their vehicles and sprays them down with oil, grease, or a lanolin wax type of coating?

I got the CJ3A hosed down with surface shield, it's PB blasters rival to fluid film. It took 6 cans.

I just got 9 cans of the fluid film "black", I guess they added graphite, so it darkens the rust color. I hosed down the bottom of my Sequoia, but I still need a couple more cans.

I'm also waiting on the flex hose attachment with the 360 degree spray nozzle, for the inside of the doors, frame, body panels, etc.
I've used the fluid film. Still got an unopened gallon. Haven't got to it the last couple of years but hope to this year. Definitely helps.
Damn it stinks! But, it's the price you pay so it doesn't rot away, I guess.

I'd like to get an hvlp paint gun to spray it in bulk, so I don't have to pay for aerosol cans..


I wanna go camping
To be honest I just got it.... as you might have seen in another thread I just got a bunch of work done on my 06 gmc.

Well if you did..... did you notice all the snow??? I'm waiting for warmer weather to try it.

What I like about this stuff is it kills the rust and turns the steel black ready for paint or just leave it.

I'm planning on doing the frame.... and what ever else is rusty.

After that I will use fluid film .