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New Pickup Trucks


So I have been looking and looking , has anyone bought a new truck ?
Fit & Finish are as important to me as my motor , driveline & suspension.
It's pretty shocking just doing online builds and lot lurking on Sundays .


I wanna go camping
I have looked.... just not ready to spend as much as their asking for them gold plated trucks.

I don't know what you're looking for..... but I've been a gmc guy for a long time. I won't consider a ford after the last two vehicles I had. Customer service was horrible...... dealership was nasty...... contacted Ford corporate to solve issues and was told to buy other brands if I wanted.

So I've been looking too at them from a distance..... dodge would be my second choice.... I think they have a good product.

I like the 5500 csb and chassis Chevy is making for the price.... it's a international truck.

I guess either I'm cheep or afraid to go in debt.