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I have to say... I have had the best luck with BF GOODRICH ko2 tires....
On my 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive 87,000 miles on them and I would say 1/2 the tire wear.

Excellent wear and traction. I do a lot of highway driving .... also run 40 pounds in the tires.
I had those 13-14 years ago on a 2007 gmc regular cab short box z71, they were ok, but iirc I didn't get very long life out of them. Like, 2 years and they were done.
Tire pressure and the weight of your foot is a big factor.
I know. The rcsb Sierra was peppy, and it had a thing for eating tires. I went through some cool looking mud tires in under 30k. The original Goodyear Wranglers were chopped and cupped in 40k.

I put a rough country leveling spacer in the front, and went to 305 sized bfg all terrain ko2s.

Those were the best ones. I think having a bigger footprint, with height and width, really helped.


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Wranglers didn’t last long on my Suburban, then tried Firestone, rode nicer, then the lettering started to peel off, and the ride worsened. Currently running a mix of used tires, Dunlops on the fronts, one Michelin and one Kelly on the rears. Ride is pretty good.
When it comes time for new, will try for USA made.


Had plenty of Michelin even a set that cracked really bad that got sent back to them for inspection .
They put 4 brand new tires on and upgraded them to the next level for $100. Bought the last set at
Costco but really did not like the smart mouth tire manager there so that soured me and we moved
on. I do run them on my H.D. Road King , and run them , really run them ! No stupid H.D. hot stamping
on them either so I had to get them from a race team and waited 4 weeks .