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Want a good sounding exhaust on my Vortec 6.0    

Recommendations ?
probably just change the muffler, those factory 3 inch stainless systems are pretty good.

even the stock manifolds flow well, i dunno why shorty headers are a thing for ls motors, all they do is lighten your wallet....
I prefer the chambered Flowmaster sound. Some of these glasspack in a traditional case mufflers sound pretty good to. I’d probably listen to various trucks exhaust notes and ask the owners what system they have.
I'd start with YouTube videos for an idea. It really depends on the sound you want. I started out with a single in dual out flowmaster 40, but I prefer my current setup for more of a "truck" sound.

I went with dual 8 inch (12 inch overall) cherry bomb glasspacks. I started out with the factory y pipe still in place but it wasn't loud enough so I went with true duals. That really opened it up. I have both factory cats in place but they definitely hear me coming. It's pretty loud.

It's a clean sound though versus the guys around here running straight pipes with the factory cats and y pipe. They're loud but no tone.

Like I said, it's more of a personal preference. I like the glaspack sound on a pickup.

I believe the cherry bomb branded glasspacks are made in your neck of the woods. Goldsboro NC if I'm not mistaken.
Did you make a decision yet on what exhaust you're going with?

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