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custom parts, what a pita....
started removing original 232 v8 in my stude on Friday.  i knew the oil pan was fabricated by the guy that raced it,  and it had some obvious clearance issues. ended up having to shove it past the steering linkage with my jack, while yanking on it with my cherry picker.  pulled car back and forth 6 times in my shop,  from one end to the other. 

pretty cool idea, with the full windage tray,  and extended swinging pickup.  its got fully polished rods, and a lightened and knife edged crank.  i guess this is why he was so competitive,  all this work is only worth maybe 10 horsepower.  

pan is getting hung on the wall,  i have a nice stock one for the 289 ive got. ..
[Image: 7ONb6YEl.jpg]

[Image: afkKeQyl.jpg]
Whoa!! That thing is bigger than my Hat.
right! i didn't realize what a pita it was going to be, makes me happy that ive got a good stock pan. t
i'd consider running it if it had more clearance. its also full of epoxy and paint, the guy never got it 100% leakproof.
watch, ill get some dumbass idea, fix the pan, and have just as much fun trying to get it back in......

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