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    Remember the El Camino

    Cool Picture! First year 1959 and it looks like junior has a Moss1/4 midget....lucky.
  2. K

    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    I know exactly what you mean, I get that too, fortunately I only had one bout of it on Friday.
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    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    Bleeders were fine, and other than fishing the new lines, the worst part was the ABS module connections no room to get a good purchase on the fittings, secondly the body of it is aluminum which can get dicey with steel connections and I was also worried about pulling the threads out of it, they...
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    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    I just finished up replacing all the brake lines on my son's 2005 Chevy K1500 extended cab, Minnesota salt belt truck so it's a rust bucket, but has a super clean interior and runs like a champ @ 200,000. Anyway he's going a roadtrip this week and I was planning on giving it the once over, plus...
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    My First Pickup Truck

    They make enough reproduction parts you can basically make one from scratch I've heard.