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  1. Pragmatic Mutt

    Remember the El Camino

    I had a 74 Ranchero I bought in 76 and kept a couple of years. It was a very well built and comfortable vehicle with a nice interior. Sold it when I bought a 78 Jeep CJ 5.
  2. Pragmatic Mutt

    Interesting levee repair technique

    o_O redneck sandbags
  3. Pragmatic Mutt

    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    It'd be nice to have a lift. lol
  4. Pragmatic Mutt

    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    I can't do much underneath cars anymore. For some reason when I'm on my back under a car now I get nauseous. I can lay on my back anywhere else and nothing. I don't get it.
  5. Pragmatic Mutt

    Worst repair job I've had to do.

    Good luck with the bleeders. They could end up being the worst part of the job if it's that crusty under there.
  6. Pragmatic Mutt

    1988 Dodge W 250

    I'll move most of it with the tractor, turn it in with the backhoe. But there will be some wheelbarrowing involved. Got to be a little careful with that, my back gets mad at me these days.
  7. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Kioti CS2410

    I'd like to have a bigger one like that but it ain't gonna happen.
  8. Pragmatic Mutt

    My First Pickup Truck

    The slant six was a good engine but none of the engines back then could rack up the mileage they do today. Lot of problems came from sludge buildup with only a breather pipe for the blowby. If you got 150k out of an engine back then it was almost miraculous. You didn't rack up the easy...
  9. Pragmatic Mutt

    Enclosed tandem axle trailer

    I like Dave's idea unless you're going to use it a lot. Of course, if you've got deep pockets Al, buy one.
  10. Pragmatic Mutt

    1988 Dodge W 250

    Went to the Kate's Butter farm with the 99 and got a load of cow manure for the garden. Got the preseason special, $10 a yard, next month it goes up to $30. Nice fresh stuff, got to see the cows that made it.
  11. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Massey Ferguson GC 2310

    Handy little tractor. Has a little over 800 hours on it. Use the backhoe a lot. Took out 3 huge pine tree stumps with it last year. 2 1/2- 3' across trunks. Takes a while with a small machine like this but gets it done.
  12. Pragmatic Mutt

    1988 Dodge W 250

    Pic of the 88 W 250 still sitting in the barn. Not ready to take it out for the summer until the ground firms up a little. It's got a 1974 grill with the round seal beam headlights. Surprisingly still has the Ram hood ornament. 318 automatic (unfortunately) the 4 speeds are hard to come by.
  13. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Adventures

    How about sheet metal repairs, say you crumple a fender, can they repair it or it has to be replaced. I think aluminum is pretty hard to straighten and cracks.
  14. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Adventures

    I remember when they came out with that, never really followed up on it, how it worked out over time.
  15. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Adventures

    Is Ford still doing aluminum?
  16. Pragmatic Mutt

    My Adventures

    There's a reason they're the number 1 selling pickup.
  17. Pragmatic Mutt

    My GMC 2500

    Jeff, that tarp is pathetic. That load looks like Big Dave in a size small tshirt.
  18. Pragmatic Mutt

    ISO 73-75 Dodge W100 Pickup

    Anybody knows of one for sale, must be a 4 speed, 8' box, regular cab and in rebuildable condition. Not too much rust with a working drivetrain. I'd be interested, willing to have it shipped if the price is right.
  19. Pragmatic Mutt


    Nice ride albag.
  20. Pragmatic Mutt

    My First Pickup Truck

    Yes, the 225ci version, the smaller one was a 170 something ci. They were a pretty good basic car for their day but rusted out in weird places like over the headlights. Had torsion bar front suspension which was somewhat of an oddity used by Chrysler back then.