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  Google Chrome is bringing secure virtual credit cards
Posted by: rodeoneerer - 07-25-2022, 06:55 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

People who use Google's Chrome browser and Android devices will be able to make online purchases without handing over their credit card details to retailers, the search giant said Wednesday, unveiling a new feature that stores the information.

Making payments online is fraught with potential dangers, and there is risk involved with making purchases with your credit card. To help offer a level of protection, many companies -- including the likes of Revolut -- enable their customers to create virtual, disposable credit cards.

“This is a landmark step in bringing the security of virtual cards to as many consumers as possible,” said Google Vice President and General Manager of Payments Arnold Goldberg. “Shoppers using Chrome on desktop and Android can enjoy a fast checkout experience when shopping online while having the peace of mind knowing that their payment information is protected.”

The feature, which is scheduled to roll out this summer for Visa and American Express cardholders, as well as for people with Capitol One cards from either Visa and Mastercard, makes Chrome the first browser to support the use of virtual card numbers without an extension or extra software on a device, Google said. Google unveiled the feature at its annual I/O developers conference, held at its Mountain View, California, headquarters.

Google's Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    This eliminates the need to manually enter card details like the CVV at checkout, and they’re easy to manage at pay.google.com -- where you can enable the feature for eligible cards, access your virtual card number, and see recent virtual card transactions. Virtual cards will be rolling out in the US for Visa, American Express, Mastercard and all Capital One cards starting this summer.

It is one of Google’s biggest announcements at I/O 2022, and it will be available for Android and desktop versions of Chrome first. Google promises to make it available to iOS users later.

Buy Virtual Credit Cards at https://www.z2u.com/virtual-credit-cards/gift-card-10-18356, you can enjoy the lowest prices, sufficient stock, reliable source, secure transaction and payment, fastest delivery, and 24/7 customer service. If you are looking for a reliable and professional online store to buy Virtual Credit Cards, we’ll offer the best service and most competitive price for you. The safety of your account is guaranteed and most orders will be completed within 5 and 30 minutes. Any issues with buying Virtual Credit Cards, please contact our LIVE CHAT at any time.

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  Essay: plan and structure of the text
Posted by: darrenbailey8844 - 07-23-2022, 08:30 PM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

The modern student should be able to write not only essays and essays, but also essays on various topics. It is essay writing that helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to beautifully put thoughts on paper.

And it does not matter if you study to be a philologist, historian or chemist, you should know what this type of writing is and how it differs from an ordinary school essay. Is ox essays legit? To understand this question, let's look together at the features of the plan and structure of the text of the essay.

Peculiarities of writing an essay

So, what should a student do to write a great essay? He should express his ideas regarding a particular problem using convincing arguments. Moreover, he should present his ideas in a sequence that will seem absolutely logical and understandable to the reader.

When writing a short essay, the student must accomplish several important tasks:

  • formulate clear theses
  • support them with arguments
  • analyze a range of data
  • provide counterarguments
  • Draw conclusions.

Structure of the essay

As a rule, a short essay consists of five sections, each of which performs a separate function. The structure of the text is as follows:


thesis #1
  • argument A
  • argument B
  • argument C

thesis #2
  • argument A
  • argument B
  • argument C

thesis #3
  • argument A
  • argument B
  • argument C


If necessary, the student may summarize key theoretical points, historical facts, or statistical data in an additional structural section. This section should be placed between the introduction and the first thesis.


In the first part of the essay, it is necessary to draw the audience's attention to the urgency of the problem discussed. In the last sentence of the first paragraph, it is necessary to clearly formulate the main thesis statement.

It is worth noting that the total length of the introduction and conclusion directly depends on the length of the essay. The total number of these two parts should not exceed 10% of the entire paper. That is, if the teacher has set the task of writing an essay that is 1000 words long, then the first and last paragraphs of the essay should consist of no more than 100 words.

The main part

As a rule, the main body of an essay consists of three blocks, each of which expresses a different idea. Each paragraph should contain one thesis statement supported by several arguments. The number of arguments may vary from one to five.

In the main part, it is important not to break the logical chain and present the ideas in a consistent manner. It is advisable to discuss ideas in the direction of the whole to the particular.

Let's imagine that you are writing an essay about the dangers of smoking. The structure of the main part of your paper will look as follows:

thesis #1 - Smoking affects the respiratory organs

argument A - Smoking contributes to the development of lung cancer

argument B - smoking worsens chronic diseases (bronchitis, asthma, etc.)

thesis #2 - Smoking affects a person's appearance

argument A - skin becomes dull and dry

argument B - hair becomes brittle

argument C - teeth become covered with dark plaque.

thesis #3 - Smoking is bad for a pregnant woman's health.

argument A - complications during pregnancy are possible.

argument B - Increases the likelihood of premature birth.

argument C - increased likelihood of fetal disease or death


The conclusion should simply summarize the main arguments. There is no need to add anything new. The last paragraph of the essay should not contain any data, facts, or inferences that were not previously mentioned in the text.

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  The Impact of Online Classes on Students
Posted by: lilakerr - 07-09-2022, 08:32 AM - Forum: My Forum - Replies (1)

Covid-19, which was unknown to most people, would have a major impact on our lives. Covid-19 spread quickly like a wild forest fire. People around the globe accepted many changes, but it took time for people to adjust to this new normal.
Online learning is fast becoming the best way to learn. The virus's impact was so severe that online education quickly became a part of our ever-growing world. This led to the closing of schools and the cessation of all physical contact between teachers and students. The good news is that most schools and educational institutions resorted to online education to resume their studies. The rise of eLearning has made education radically different. It allows students to learn remotely from their computers, rather than in classrooms.
Online classes and technology are now a hero during the lockdown. We are all still connected to education, despite being under house arrest. Students are unable to keep in touch with the outside world because of the lockdown. The only thing that has helped students' mental well-being is the move to online classes. Teachers ensured that students' learning was not compromised. They took a huge leap forward to find solutions to problems and create new learning environments to help students learn. Because they had little time to prepare, teachers modified curriculums, created new lesson plans, and planned activities so that students can continue learning online.
Online courses are a growing trend for students across the world. Digital learning makes it easy to find files and folders, which can be organized and saved without any physical damage. Students can quickly access their notes and assignments with one click. Advanced technology has made this method of learning not only easier but also more fun and engaging. Technology-enabled education is more beneficial than traditional methods of learning. This technology makes dull subjects interesting and enjoyable. Because both learning material and classes were accessible online, it was easy for students to access classes anywhere in the world. The integration of online learning platforms with modern interactive applications has made it easier for students and teachers to attend online classes. More students can express themselves online using some online applications. The teachers are able to easily track down those students who failed to submit their assignments online. Students are more careful with their submissions online. Online learning has enabled students to be independent learners before they venture into the real world. Students had the chance to learn from new platforms and learning apps during class. This helped them to grow their skills and capabilities, which in turn accelerated their growth. Some students are responding well to the interactive learning environment provided online by teachers, while others require a push at times.
Many schools, both public and private, have made an easy transition to online platforms like Zoom, Google classrooms, Microsoft team, and Microsoft Teams. Although many people find it difficult, some do not see it as a problem. There are many challenges to online learning. Although online learning was a key component of the pandemic's success, it is not easy to ignore its many consequences. Due to the non-availability or network of smartphones, laptops, or computers, students cannot access online classes. Unfortunately, this has led to more people being on the receiving end. This can increase the inequality between demography and class in terms of access to quality education.
Students face one of the greatest challenges in online learning: the inability to concentrate for extended periods of time on a screen. Online distractions can be distracting and attractive to students in a lot of cases. The teachers made great efforts to ensure that students are focused and engaged in the online class. Internet connectivity is critical to online classes. Online classes may not be 100% reliable. Although internet connectivity has greatly improved in the past few decades, there are still some areas where people don't have access to good internet speeds and connectivity. Students often use the inconsistency to excuse themselves from important requirements, such as active visual presence. This is vital for maintaining due vigilance. Students and teachers will feel disconnected if the cameras are off. Students would often log in to the class and then be distracted by other activities. The students don't have to follow the guidelines and boundaries of a classroom setting. This makes it appear that they do not value the curriculum. You may not have taken the notebook work seriously. Students may become distracted while learning online. The benefit of face-to-face interactions with peers, which are often moderated by a teacher, is offered in traditional classroom education. For children in their early years of development, physical classroom interaction is a safe place for them to socialize and develop skills such as empathy and cooperation. It supports their overall development as well as real-life situations.
I believe learning never stopped. It evolved not only to survive but also to thrive. Technology has proved to be the most important enabler of that which itself is an invention. The advancement of technology has enabled learning. Parents and teachers are essential in helping students navigate this challenging time of learning. Online and offline learning could go hand in hand, and eventually online education will be an integral part of school education. In the future, education will be hybrid. Covid is a time when technology was a part of academics. Both students and teachers can use online applications and programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Online teaching is not a substitute for traditional classroom teaching. After the pandemic, we will have to go back to traditional teaching.
Alternative opinion in Hometownstation article: http://www.hometownstation.com

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  What are the benefits of NBA 2K23 MT for players?
Posted by: annesmith - 06-28-2022, 05:50 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

According to official sources, NBA 2K23 will be released in September 2022. MyTeam is the most popular game mode in NBA 2K where players can create the best team with all their favorite NBA legends/current players. There are several different game modes in MyTeam where players can create their own pitches, jerseys, logos. MyTeam is updated with new content and new player purchases every week.

NBA 2K23 MT is a virtual currency in this mode that can be used to buy many things. MT is used to buy players, coaches, jerseys, courts and more so players can build the best teams and compete against the best of the community and the best in 250k tournaments. Players can use NBA 2K23 MT to buy their favorite cards from the auction house that will help them perform better in the game. Players can buy NBA 2K23 MT directly from https://www.utnice.com/nba-2k23-mt

Basically NBA 2K23 MT will give players a good start in MyTeam. Players can also use MT to work at the auction house and make weekly investments, and Myteam Points can be used to buy players' all-time favorite players in the NBA2K myteams auction house. Players can also use NBA 2K23 MT for new coaches at all levels, which will upgrade the player's entire team. By the way, NBA 2K23 MT For Sale at Lowest Price by UTnice.

If players are tired of grinding for NBA 2K23 MyTEAM points, players can buy a cheap NBA 2K23 MT from UTnice.com They are the most trusted NBA 2K23 MT store, providing safe and legal NBA 2K23 MT for all players. Enable gamers to buy NBA 2K23 MT at the lowest price on the market. In addition, UTnice.com will also hold discounts on some special festivals to provide players with additional discounts to help them save money.

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  How can players get FUT 23 Coins?
Posted by: annesmith - 06-28-2022, 05:45 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

As we all know, EA releases a new version of FIFA Franchise every year, with FIFA 23 coming this year. Anyone who has played the FIFA series knows that Ultimate Team is always the main mode in the game, while FUT 23 Coins are mainly concerned with buying and selling players on the transfer market, but can also be used to buy many other items. Therefore, the importance of FUT 23 Coins cannot be ignored. Players can quickly get a lot of FUT 23 Coins from https://www.utnice.com/fut-23-coins

In FIFA 23, FIFA 23 Coins are a virtual currency that can be used to buy gift packs from the store and trade FUT items in the transfer market. Coins can also be used to pay for certain game mode entries, such as FUT Draft mode. For players to improve their club in the FUT game mode, they need to open gift packs or trade item cards in the transfer market. To do this, players need to spend FUT 23 Coins.

The more FIFA 23 Coins a player has, the more items and packs they can buy in FUT mode. In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, players can earn FIFA 23 Coins by playing FUT matches. Alternatively, players can transfer traded items on the market to earn FUT 23 Coins in a "buy low, sell high" approach.

There is also an easier way to buy FIFA 23 Coins directly from professional UTnice.com Where all cheap FUT 23 Coins come from legitimate sources, the site is protected at all times and players' personal information will be kept private. UTnice.com will sell FIFA 23 Coins at a good enough price based on market conditions, while their instant delivery allows players to receive FUT 23 Coins faster in a reliable way.

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  How do players get rare Diablo 2 Resurrected Items?
Posted by: annesmith - 06-28-2022, 05:41 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, also known as D2R Items, refers to all items, including runes, jewels, set items, unique items, etc., that can be used to enhance the player's character. Players can upgrade a common item to a rare item by instilling it, giving it more power and random various magical properties. Players can also buy rare D2R Ladder Items directly from https://www.mmowts.com/d2r-ladder-items

Diablo 2 Resurrected Items include weapons and gear to enhance your character's skills and stats. The higher the quality of a D2R Item, the better its properties and the more magical properties it has. Since players need top-tier weapons and gear to have one of the best builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it's important to decide when to instill a piece of D2R Ladder Items.

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, players can instill items through the Charsi in Chapter 1. However, this action can be performed a total of 3 times per character, only once per difficulty. Players must complete the "Trading Tools" quest in Chapter 1 to unlock the ability to instill Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items.

Instilled abilities can be stored for a long time, but can only be used once per difficulty. Therefore, it is best for players to wait until the character reaches a high level or reaches the highest level before using the infusion ability. There's no guarantee that the infused items will be better for the character, as the properties of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items are randomly generated, but there's a better chance waiting for a higher level.

Players can purchase unique D2R Items directly from MMOWTS.com if they don't want to waste time instilling items. MMOWTS.com has won the attention of more users through fast delivery, and every day players from all over the world Buy D2R Items on MMOWTS.com which is the trust of their team's professionalism.

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  Which crafting professions can earn players TBC Classic Gold?
Posted by: annesmith - 06-28-2022, 05:32 AM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

As we all know, TBC Classic Gold is the main trading currency for players in WOW TBC Classic, it can help players do many things, such as buying pets, mounts, upgrading equipment, etc. To have enough WOW TBC Gold in the game, players can earn TBC Classic Gold by running dungeons, killing enemies, and selling items on the auction house.

In fact, players can choose to Buy TBC Gold from MMOWTS.com to avoid the tedious farming process. In addition to this, players can also choose the best crafting profession in WOW TBC Classic to earn gold.

In WOW TBC Classic, the Production Profession allows players to craft powerful gear that can be equipped or traded, while the Service Profession allows players to create items that benefit the player. Additionally, players can utilize Gathering Professions to obtain the materials needed to craft powerful trade goods. By selling these valuable items, players can earn quite a bit of WOW TBC Gold.

Alchemy is one of the A-level professions where players earn TBC Classic Gold in the game. It can make powerful potions, potions, potions, and transform them into other professions to make reagents. Players can sell the transformed Primal Power to other players to earn WOW TBC Gold. Plus, herbalism can be a great career to get TBC Classic Gold from raw materials.

If the player is a mining expert, ore and gems can be collected from ore nodes and smelted into ingots, which can be used in a variety of professions such as blacksmithing, engineering, alchemy, and enchanting. Miners can also use the spell Find Minerals to find nearby ores, which can be sold in exchange for TBC Classic Gold.

Although players can farm WOW TBC Gold with these A-rank occupations in the game, players need to put in a lot of time and effort to do so. To save time, players are better off buying TBC Classic Gold directly from https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-tbc-gold which allows players to get enough TBC Classic Gold in a very short period of time without spending too much money. Because MMOWTS.com offers products at the lowest price.

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Posted by: admin - 02-03-2022, 07:06 PM - Forum: My Forum - No Replies

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